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  • Renuka Pandit

10 Daily Habits of Queen Elizabeth that helped her to live for almost a century!

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Queen Elizabeth was the longest-lived British monarch and the second-longest reigning sovereign in world history!

Adapting the Queen’s habits might not make you a Monarch but they will definitely help you live a happier and healthier life!

Here are 10 secrets to her longevity that helped her live for 96 years.

1. Never skipping breakfast

The Queen was served her breakfast at 8.30 AM sharp, everyday. She made sure to never skip it; her go-to was tea with biscuits. Having breakfast daily has been linked to lower risk of heart diseases and diabetes

queen never skipping breakfast

2. Getting that beauty sleep

The queen made sure to get a sleep of 8 and a half hours every night. She had a fixed bedtime of 11 PM and woke up at 7.30 AM each day. Her sleep routine was so simple yet so effective that she followed it everyday for years!

3. Afternoon tea rituals

The monarch is a fan of Assam and Earl Grey, and will always add the milk after the tea. Since tea is rich in antioxidants, it has various benefits such as improved heart health, lowered cholesterol, etc.

3. Afternoon tea rituals

4. Always on her feet

Whether it is walking her dog, taking nature strolls or simply working, the Queen loved staying on her feet all day. Having a pet is linked to lower both anxiety and blood pressure.

Always on her feet

5. What about drinks?

It is well known that the Royals love to raise a glass now and then! So what does this mean for the Queen's daily alcohol intake? 1-2 drinks per day was how she rolled. After a long and hectic day, one can imagine her relaxing with her dog beside, sipping a glass of German wine. She also loved the Gin and Dubonnet combo.

What about drinks?

6. A wholesome and fulfilling life

The Queen remained in touch with all of her children and maintained happy relations with them throughout her lifetime. She and Prince Phillip also appeared extremely close and happy - after all they were married for 70 years!

Research has shown that partners in stable relationships are more likely to maintain a healthier weight and focus more on their individual health.

7. Keeping the brain alive

Queen Elizabeth loved her job and it showed! She was famous for her “walkabouts" tours where she connected with people all over the world. These passions likely played a part in her longevity. People with a passion have been found to be more optimistic and happier in general.

Keeping the brain alive

8. Laughter

Elizabeth was known for her sharp wit and dry sense of humor and was often photographed mid-laugh. She always enjoyed a good joke. For instance, when a tourist told her that she “looked a lot like the Queen” she said “Well, that’s reassuring!”

Humor is powerful medicine for the brain and body—boosting mood, lowering stress, improving social ties, and, yes, increasing longevity.

9. Buzzing social circle

The Monarch had strong and powerful social connections which meant she was never lonely. Studies have shown that loneliness can be a factor in reducing life expectancy and thus shortening the lifespan.

10. Last but not the least, her love for dark chocolates

The Queen was a "chocoholic" and loved dark chocolate. She would often eat it as a light snack. Dark chocolate has many health benefits as well such as reducing risk of heart diseases, improving brain function and much more.

her love for dark chocolates

Obviously the decades of privilege helped the Queen follow her special routine everyday - the numerous servants, personal chefs always present to cater to her every need. However, her lifestyle stands as a great example of how the smallest decisions and daily habits can add years to your life.


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