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How to Prepare for 2023: A Guide to Tackle Roadblocks and Improve your Life

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Prepare for 2023

In a few weeks, 2023 will be on your doorstep.

Yes, let that sink in.

We’ve just had our new year party for 2022. And most of us are still processing 2022 and even the goddamn 2021 with Covid-19.

But that’s how the world works.

While 2023 brings with it the tidings of a better year, not everything is expected to be great. That’s not what we are saying. It is what the International Monetary Fund is.

They say that there is a recession looming. And it might jeopardize our plans for the next year. In all honesty, economic challenges are the hardest.

But it does not have to be difficult for us. There are many things you can do about facing these looming challenges with poise and readiness.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you are on the right path to make 2023 a new beginning for the rest of your life.

Keep a tab on your finances.

Think about your current finances. Is it good? Bad? Okay-ish?

Without successful financial management, there is no successful year. One of the biggest areas of concern for most people is finance.

In 2023, with a potential recession, you need to be diligent about your finances. So what can you do?

Finance and 2023

One of the best things to do is build more than one income stream. Many people work, and that’s their only income, while there are hundreds of ways to spend money.

You can take up a few side hustles after your office work. You can invest your money in Mutual Funds or Stock Market.

There are diverse options to make money online, as well.

Another important aspect is to pay off your debt intelligently. Having debt is not a good thing, especially if it eats into your income and peace of mind.

You also need to be vigilant to pay your taxes and EMIs on time. Consult a CA to help you with paying taxes.

In order to face the tougher times ahead, you may also need to build a financial strategy to take care of your income. One of the best ways is to stick with the ever-effective 50-30-20 rule.

What it says is that you must set aside 50% of your income for your needs. These include your rent, money for food, transportation, energy bills, insurance, groceries, etc.

The next 30% can be spent on your wants or desires. It may include going out for dinner, entertainment, vacations, etc.

The remaining 20% can be used for savings or paying off debt.

This is an excellent and easy-to-understand rule that anybody can use to take care of their finances intelligently.

Pick up a few new skills.

Learning new skills has never hurt anyone. In fact, it can make our lives better. Learning new things challenges our brains. It helps rewire our brains that are growing lazy, doing the same thing every day, over and over again.

These skills you learn don’t have to be academic or professional.

Pick up a few new skills.

But one of the most important skills that you can learn is happiness. How so, you might ask. This idea is made famous by the Indian-American entrepreneur Naval Ravikant who says that happiness is a skill that you can develop.

There are many things you can do to achieve happiness, and it is in your hands. Many people believe that happiness is not something that they can control when in fact, it is.

In a nutshell, you must keep learning as long as you want. This approach to learning will make you confident in yourself.

Apart from this, there are also many skills that you can learn online that will help you improve your personal and professional lives. Online platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, Unacademy, etc., have plenty of short courses on skills that you can pick up.

Along with free courses, there are many paid ones, as well.

Learning new skills is important for your growth; trust us, it’s fun, too. So, never be too lazy to keep learning and growing.

No mercy for your bad habits. Be a killer ninja.

Don’t we all love ninjas kicking the hell out of bad people? Of course, we do, and at some point, we wanted to be one.

This is your time to be one and kill off your bad habits.

No mercy for your bad habits. Be a killer ninja.

Shoot them on the forehead. Bury them deep so that they never come back. Ever.

Not only do bad habits make you lazy, less productive, clumsy, and ultimately a failure, but it also robs you of the time to improve your life.

When you kill your bad habits, you also get to have more time to make your life better and pick up a few good habits.

If you really want to know how good habits can change your life, you might want to read Atomic Habits by James Clear or The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

These books explain the importance of developing productive habits that can improve the quality of your life--personal, professional, and spiritual. What makes these books really special is that the exercises in these books are very easy to follow.

We are sure these books will encourage and enlighten you to develop newer habits that will make you successful in every corner of your life.

Be sure to grab them.

Commit yourself to care for your body and health

Only a good body can harbor a great mind.

Everyone talks about detoxing your body and skin. Don’t you think you also need some kind of detoxing for your mind?

After all, your mind is what keeps you going.

Commit yourself to care for your body and health

Sometimes we latch onto certain people, habits, and things that bring no value to our life. Let go of them.

It could be anything. It could be a painful memory that hurts you.

A habit that makes you feel guilty. Or your need for approval from everyone all the time.

When you have these things in your mind, it is so full you won’t have enough space for positive things to fill your mind.

Having positive thoughts and hope in your mind can make your life, well, mind-blowing.

Finishing thoughts

As 2022 is drawing toward its time-out, much faster than we all thought, it is easy to be lost in thinking about things we didn’t do and the decisions we never took. And that’s okay.

However, 2023 will come like an avalanche if you are not ready for it.

With a potential recession on the horizon, it can be challenging, as well. Hence, you need to be diligent about how you prepare for the next year, as there has not been a year in our recent memory quite like it if economists are to be believed.

But we have the rare opportunity to prepare for it and the challenges that may come along with it. And your planning can make 2023 not so hard, and you can navigate it quite comfortably by disciplining yourself for it.

Remember that fortune always favors the prepared. So get ready with these tips and play your hand.

And you are going to be all right!

Happy New Year!

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