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  • Ruchi Yevle

Metaverse - your escape from reality?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Bored of commuting to your office every day? Or tired of skipping important events? How about a sneaky cool ride in a spaceship to your workplace or attending someone’s wedding ‘next-space’ in a unique digi-avatar? How cool would it be to groove to your favourite music with your virtual sneakers? Unbelievable, right? You must be wondering what gibberish is this? But it’s time to brace yourself as we are moving into the internet’s new frontier and the digital space game-changer, METAVERSE.

We have been quite fantasizing about how this tech buzz has left everyone awestruck since the beginning of 2021 while the world was fighting pandemic. But what exactly is it? Is it similar to the multiverse, the one Dr Strange hinted about? Or a cousin of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?


Metaverse, a real thing?

Keeping the binocular bookish definition aside, let us relate it to what we are profoundly surrounded with - data. We all are aware of how peculiar data has become and it is the key driver for almost every other industry today. As lucrative as it sounds, this space is sure to be a spectacular watch as it unfolds layers of technology in the coming years, ultimately multiplying the data around.

Presently under progress, but a global buzz is surely taking everything to metaverse space, right head to toe.

Hype or a guilty indulgence?

Currently, very much in its infancy, we are quite not sure how this concept will bring consequential ramifications to the world. But it is proven that it is gradually going to transform the ways of online interaction, digital marketing and advertising, and crypto adoption. This means that we will invest more of our lives virtually than physically. Isn’t this alarming to think it will take away (more or less of) our physical existence? I’d certainly oppose as we are at the surface but well unless we taste the layers, we cannot jump to a conclusion.

Metaverse and future

Today, users can not just trade and upgrade their digital assets but even big brands can penetrate into metaverse to prove themselves better. It allows everyone to take their virtual assets like vehicles, clothes, jewellery, or gadgets from one platform to the other. Samsung too will be joining the bandwagon in 2022 by showcasing in this multidimensional space by revealing the new platform ‘MyHouse’. This is going to be the smartest move into an alternate universe as the company will allow its users to directly experience their newest products. Meanwhile, a tech giant like Facebook (officially rebranded to Meta now) has shown its keen interest in metaverse space and will soon be investing billions. In the next coming years, we will be observing a paradigm shift in the culture of work from home and shift our meetings to virtual connect but with Horizon workrooms. It seems like this conceptualization will be a great intersection of technology, people, and ideas where the world will connect, collaborate, present, and devise the solutions regardless of the time differences with meta.

Even Seoul, a city in South Korea will be the first one to enter into the metaverse. From tourism and exploring culture to resolving municipal issues, this digitally smart city is set to make everything possible and achievable with it. Technologies like Blockchain is considered to be a one-stop solution to enable transactions in the world of metaverse as brands/industries, technologies, artists/influencers, and even countries are eyeing on making it big in this new frontier.

Writer’s Thoughts

It is sure that a full-fledged metaverse may take years to form considering the infrastructure to accommodate billions of metaverse users, superfluous data and its privacy, and of course, the technical barriers. Also, entering this world is similar to the experience we humans had when we first interacted with smart technologies. Today, we are heavily acclimatized with them and the superficial inventions.

All we can say is there’s still a lot of time to enter the metaverse but we are sure it is not more of an indulgence than a hype, which will surely take humans and their interaction with technology to a whole new level.


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