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  • Ruchi Yevle

NFT - the next 'BIG' thing in Branding

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

The competitive internet space is just about numbers today. Big creative brands are accepting digitalization by nose-diving into the trends to secure their position in the market. And this time, they have plunged into the raging world of cryptocurrency with their innovative marketing campaigns.

Cryptocurrency has proved to be a niche in the digital world. While many leading countries are following the crypto way, popular brands too have left no stone unturned to accept digital assets such as Bitcoin, NFT, and other crypto assets. According to a leading Investment agency, the number of cryptocurrencies has globally increased from 2013 with just 66 which today has gradually skyrocketed to ~7000-8000.

Let us understand how ‘NFT’ is becoming popular among food brands and has proved to be the next big thing in branding.


These Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets existing on a blockchain that serves as a public ledger to allow the authentication and authorization. The most surprising is people are spending millions on the NFT artworks which have shot the popularity of NFT high in 2021. Investors can buy and sell all kinds of digital objects such as text, videos, or even music. Even in the sports world, digital art has been blooming where sports fanatics can hold and trade their digital collections. The same holds for big popular brands, doing it BIG with their marketing campaigns.

5-Star - Do Nothing & Earn Coins

Imagine doing nothing, just chilling, and collecting coins. Sounds fun, right!!

Everyone’s favourite Cadbury 5-star in its new marketing campaign has launched a Nothing Bank where it grants their customers coins by doing ‘Nothing’. This famous chocolate brand has always been on fire for creating magic with creative and innovative marketing campaigns. Whether it is the ad featuring ‘Ramesh-Suresh’ or the brand’s collaboration with Google Assistant, it has always been a trailblazer.

Do Nothing & Earn Coins

This time too, the brand has proved its Nothing-legacy with cryptocurrency targeting the youth. And to your surprise, it is REAL!! They have launched a mobile-first website where users will be asked to register with their mobile number and just do nothing. Users can earn, mine, and spend their nothing coins. Moreover, they have also created a digital mall where users can leverage their coins by buying products and exchanging them with the vouchers from JioMart.


The leading fast-food giant has tasted the trend of NFT already with its first-ever non-fungible token, McNFT. Launched recently in the U.S market, the global brand had brainstormed to blend tech, creative marketing, and cryptocurrency to the best of its knowledge. The reason why McDonald’s preferred NFT is because of their uniqueness. Now, you can embrace your forever love for your favourite burgers and sandwiches with the newly launched McRib NFT.

NFT in leading brand mcdonald's

The innovative campaign was run on a contest where participants were provided a trading card having an image of a McRib. The only condition was the participants need to have a crypto wallet as one of the lucky winners will be receiving a piece of digital art.

Just like these famous food brands, many industry verticals are joining the crypto bandwagon.

Can you share some famous brands that are or will be a part of the crypto space?

Written by Ruchi Yevle



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