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PM Modi Reacts to a Viral Meme Showing him Dancing; Netizens say ‘Coolest PM’

Updated: May 18

Coolest PM

As a meme featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi energetically dancing to a popular Bengali tune goes viral, he retweets it with a comment, "Such creativity in peak poll season is truly a delight!"

Narendra Modi Coolest PM Tweet

The meme, which shows the Prime Minister moving to the rhythm of the Bengali film song "Paglu Dance," is humorously captioned: "Posting this video because I know that 'THE DICTATOR' won't arrest me for this."

Coolest PM tweet

The Prime Minister's response on Twitter reads, "Like all of you, I too enjoyed seeing myself dance. It's wonderful to see such creativity during the bustling poll season!"

This tweet sparked an outpouring of support from netizens, with one user commenting, "Meme community ka full samarthan Modi Ji."

Coolest PM tweet

Amid the playful exchanges, one tweet stood out: "You are the coolest PM India has had, Mr. Modi." Meanwhile, another user provocatively asked, "Now the public should decide, who is actually a dictator?"

This exchange comes in the wake of a controversial video by Dhruv Rathee that labelled the Prime Minister as a dictator, sparking a heated debate online. This led to a flurry of tweets under the trending hashtag "Coolest PM" where supporters and critics alike weighed in. #CoolestPM and #PollHumour have been trending on X since then.

Some tweets praised Modi's sense of humour and openness to satire, contrasting this with the behaviour typical of dictators. Others referenced the video directly, arguing about the boundaries of political criticism and satire in India.

A pointed tweet captured the sentiment: "Difference between a Dictator and a Democrat: A Democrat arrests people for sharing a meme. A Dictator appreciates a meme on himself."

Coolest PM tweet

In a related incident last week, a meme of Mamata Banerjee dancing to her own speech went viral. The Chief Minister of West Bengal was not amused, resulting in the Kolkata Police issuing a stern warning to the meme creator, demanding their immediate identification under threat of legal action.

The Lok Sabha polls of 2024 are unfolding in seven phases, with the initial phases already concluded on April 19 and April 26. The upcoming phases are scheduled for May 7, May 13, May 20, May 25, and June 1, with the counting of votes slated for June 4.

This electoral season has become a vibrant showcase of India's democratic spirit, punctuated by memes that stir both humour and controversy.


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