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  • Abhishek Kumar

Will AI Technology Affect the Livelihood of Designers?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

What is Artificial Technology (AI)?

As its name suggests, it is an artificial way of implementing human intelligence (vice-versa) in activities related to calculating, predicting, and analyzing. It is still a new thing for many of us, though we can see its enormous inclination towards the overall technical development around the world.

AI Technology & Livelihood of Designers

How Does AI Work?

AI works by gathering a tremendous amount of data with agile, iterative processing, and rational algorithms. This collection enables the AI software to observe the patterns or features on its own. The software may need to scan the data multiple times to establish connections and derive meaning from undefined data.

Will It Kill Designers’ Career?

AI, Machine learning, and Automated Algorithms are highly-talked-about topics these days. On one side, people are relishing the joy of being in a society that is developing rapidly. While on the other side, the astonishing capabilities of AI and Automated Bot Algorithms are making people think, “Is it the end of Human Workforce?”

Artificial Intelligence is likely to impact various of our jobs, just to diversifying degrees. Specific tasks that we require to perform in our jobs will be adjusted. There will constantly be winners and losers from the adoption of AI. For example, computers and robots have substituted mechanical jobs, but highly-skilled jobs have been benefitted from AI.

designer and AI carrer

“Is it the end of Human Creativity?”

While we are still observing how AI has impacted the labor market? Experts claim that AI will have a broader impact on workers with higher wages and education, as AI can perform tasks related to learning, analyzing, predicting - all of which are skills required to perform higher-paying jobs. On the other side, the impact of Artificial intelligence on jobs that involve human contact and creativity will be negligible.

Artificial Intelligence Will Not Replace Designer! How?

If you can remember the announcement of The Grid: web development and design system (a la SquareSpace) powered by AI - where design patterns and site models design themselves, without the need of a designer. Sound fascinating but scary (obviously for designers), right? Wait, read further.

A few months later the world started to experience the first self-made website designed by the Grid. It was seriously a disaster. As one Reddit thread says, “Designer’s Jobs are safe.” That’s what people started calling the Grid.

As stated earlier, a majority of the jobs that will be taken over by automation are blue-collar jobs - at least in a few decades later. Professionals such as drivers, scribes, and all those individuals whose tasks tend to be monotonous and subject to automation.

The Conclusion

There are no final hurdles that will restrict the growth of Artificial Intelligent Machines from reaching the peak of supreme advancement with authentic human thought. This is the scary reality of the current technological state. Moore’s law may soon be demolished by current forecasting, though automation will not be restricted with the growth in quantum computing and AI software, automation will not be restricted.

The good news is that based on the current advancement of AI, you will not see designing jobs being automated until the very end or after your career. Even then, there will still be a need for creative designers, but their duties will modify from the present.

Written By Abhishek Kumar


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