Beyond Bromance: The Beautiful Tradition of Indian Men Holding Hands

Beyond Bromance: The Beautiful Tradition of Indian Men Holding Hands

As you stroll through the busy streets of India, you may notice something quite unusual – men holding hands.

Pretty common, right?

Move over, high-fives, and fist-bumps – Indian men have their own unique way of showing brotherly love: holding hands!

Why Do Indian Men Hold Hands?

In India, it is quite common to see men holding hands while walking down the street or sitting together on a park bench. It’s a traditional way of expressing non-sexual affection, friendship, and camaraderie.

For those unfamiliar with this cultural norm, it might seem strange or even make them feel uncomfortable. However, for Indian men, holding hands is a gesture of non-sexual affection that signifies a deep bond between two people.

Unlike in many Western cultures, where physical touch between men is often limited to a handshake or a pat on the back, Indian men are more tactile in their interactions. Holding hands is just one of the many ways they express their emotions and show their love and support for one another.

However, in one of his travels to India, Vincent Dolman, a British fashion and celebrity photographer, clicked some heart-touching pictures of Indian men holding hands and was highly intrigued. He states that the practice of men holding hands in India is a delightfully unconventional gesture. His observation highlights the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences, particularly when it comes to physical touch and intimacy.

why Indian men hold hands
All Images are by Vincent Dolman

When it comes to holding hands in India, it’s not just for lovers – it’s a bromance bonanza!

What Started this Tradition?

The tradition of holding hands dates back centuries in Indian culture. It is a sign of trust, friendship, and loyalty between two people. From childhood, boys are taught to hold hands with their friends as a sign of camaraderie and brotherhood. As they grow older, this practice continues and becomes a part of their everyday interactions.

In India, holding hands is not viewed as a sign of homosexuality or any other sexual orientation. It is simply a way for men to show their affection towards each other without any sexual connotations. In fact, it is considered more appropriate for men to hold hands with each other than with women in public places.


Indian men are not afraid to express their emotions or show vulnerability. Holding hands is just one way of doing so. It is a way to convey a sense of comfort, reassurance, and support. It is not uncommon to see men holding hands while walking through a difficult or stressful situation, such as a funeral or a medical emergency.

The act of holding hands is also deeply rooted in Indian mythology and spirituality. It is believed that holding hands can create a positive flow of energy between two people and bring them closer together.

Beyond Indian Men Holding Hands

While holding hands is common among Indian men, it is not limited to them alone. Women in India also hold hands with their friends and family members as a sign of affection and support. However, it is more common for men to do so openly in public places. Women tend to do so in more private settings.

Despite its cultural significance, holding hands is not always viewed positively by outsiders. In some cases, it has been misinterpreted as a sign of homosexuality or has been stigmatized as a behaviour that goes against traditional gender roles. However, Indian men continue to hold hands without hesitation, knowing that it is an important part of their culture and a way to express their emotions without any negative connotations.

In conclusion, holding hands is a beautiful cultural tradition in India that symbolizes love, trust, and friendship. It is a non-sexual gesture that allows men to express their emotions and show their support for each other openly. While it may be viewed as strange or uncomfortable by some, it is an important part of Indian culture that should be respected and appreciated.

So, the next time you see two men holding hands in India, don’t be afraid to smile and appreciate the power of their emotional bond – after all, love knows no bounds, not even in hand-holding!

Don’t be quick to judge – it’s not about sexuality; it’s about solidarity.