Why Do We Fear Change, Even If We Are Unhappy With the Current Situation?

Change is an inevitable part of life, influencing our personal and societal landscapes. Yet, the concept of change often evokes a deep-seated unease or fear in many people.  This phenomenon, widely recognized as the “fear of change,” is intriguing, especially when we consider scenarios where individuals remain unhappy with their current situations.  Why, then, is […]

Is Private Browsing Really Private? – Google to Delete Billions of Browser Records in the Latest Settlement

People have been relying on Google’s ‘Incognito’ mode to do private browsing. But is it really ‘private’ if your data is being recorded? In a recent lawsuit, the internet tech giant is accused of improperly tracking the web-browsing habits of its users, even in the ‘incognito’ mode. The suit was originally filed in 2020 and Google was […]

Why You Stay Up So Late, Even When You Know You Shouldn’t

Do you often find yourself scrolling through social media late into the night, despite knowing you should be asleep? You’re not alone. This behaviour, known as “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination,” is more common than you might think and can significantly impact your sleep quality and overall health. What is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination? First coined in a […]