Top 35 Best Websites to Kill Time

Do you ever find yourself with some free time and end up mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for hours? We have all been there. 

There are many time-wasting websites and random things to do on the internet. The websites to kill time on the internet have something for everyone to help break from the mundane tasks.

Whether you are looking for fun facts or fascinating articles, or if you want to know who your celebrity twin is by taking a quiz, the internet has it all. There is a vast collection out there of useless websites to kill time. 

We have compiled a list of the top 35 best websites to kill time at work,  so you can pass the time by being productive and reading cool interesting stuff on the internet.

1. Reddit 

There are so many random things to do on the internet and Reddit literally has it all.  Reddit has one of the largest communities in the world and a vast collection of forums and subreddits where you can find discussions, memes, and information on virtually any topic.

2. is one of the most entertaining and fun websites to kill your boredom. It has a collection of interactive and quirky web experiments. The engaging activities on the website are both, entertaining and educational, offering a fun way to explore different concepts and ideas. It can easily be one of the top things to do online when bored. the best websites to kill time on the internet

3. The Oatmeal 

The Oatmeal features hilarious comics and articles created by cartoonist, Matthew Inman. The website is known for its witty humour and quirky illustrations. The Oatmeal covers comics on various topics like grammar and cats to more profound reflections on life. It’s a delightful escape into a world of humour if you enjoy smart humour and are not offended easily.

4. Atlas Obscura 

Atlas Obscura is THE place to read about unusual places and hidden gems. If you are a travel buff and love to read about different places in the world, you will love this website. They provide detailed insights into peculiar landmarks and places that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

5. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is the destination for curious people. It has a vast collection of interesting facts, unanswered questions, trivia, and articles on off-beat topics. The mental floss website covers a range of topics, from history and science to pop culture and weird news, making it the best time killers at work.

6. Vice 

Vice is a global platform with a collection of enlightening information. The website focuses on the most unique and thought-provoking content on topics like art, culture and light. This one is not for everyone, however, if you do want to get some off-beat insights, do visit Vice once 

7. Bored Panda 

Bored Panda has a collection of interesting, funny and relatable stories from around the web. It has something for everyone and can easily keep you occupied and entertained for hours.

Bored Pande can help you pass your time on the internet

8. BuzzFeed 

BuzzFeed easily has to be one of the most popular websites for your pop culture updates. It has also come with the most random and engaging quizzes that can keep you hooked for hours. 

9. 9GAG 

9GAG is the best time-killing website if you are looking for a good laugh. It’s a community-based platform where users can share and vote on the funniest content which often consists of memes, viral trends or the latest on internet culture. 

10. TED

TED is a global platform known for its educational talks and influential videos from expert speakers from various fields. It offers thought-provoking insights and talks designed to ignite your passion for learning making it one of the most interesting websites to kill time. 

11. Cracked 

Cracked provides humorous articles and videos that dive deep into pop culture, history, and everyday absurdities. Known for its witty writing and satirical tone, Cracked offers a fresh and funny perspective on a variety of topics. It’s a great place to laugh and learn simultaneously.

12. Sporcle 

Sporcle is an addictive trivia quiz website with a fun quiz about virtually every topic imaginable. You can spend hours on the website to test your knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Sporcle literally has quizzes for everyone making it the perfect addition to the top websites to kill time list. 

13. Instructables 

This website is for all your Ikea-loving people who like to make their own things. It is a DIY paradise that offers step-by-step guides for projects across all skill levels. 

14. Wait But Why

Wait But Why offers long-form, thought-provoking articles on a variety of topics. Written by Tim Urban, the blog dives into complex subjects with humour and depth, making them accessible and engaging.

15. PostSecret

PostSecret is a community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on postcards. These secrets are then shared online, revealing deeply personal and often touching stories.

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16. Letterbox

Letterboxd is like Facebook for film lovers: a social platform where film enthusiasts can review, rate, discuss and share their love for movies. It is perfect for movie buffs to discover new movies based on community recommendations.

17. xkcd 

xkcd is a webcomic by Randall Munroe that covers various topics with humour and wit. Known for its cleverness and stick-figure art, xkcd often delves into nerdy and intellectual humour.

18. All That’s Interesting

As you can already guess from the name, All That’s Interesting is a one-stop platform for everything interesting and lesser-known from around the world. Their ‘Today in History’ section highlights all events that happened in the world on the same date. 

19. Window Swap

Window Swap is a very unique concept. In this, you can randomly view the world through windows shared by others. You can open a new window from somewhere in the world and see what others are sharing, providing a virtual escape. 

Window Swap is an interesting website to kill time

20. Factourism 

Factourism is a visual collection of random fascinating facts from the world. They cover a wide range of topics from funny, unbelievable, science, animals and much more. Their unique visual format makes it a fun website to kill time. 

21. Fail Blog

Fail Blog features a collection of humorous fails captured in photos and videos. From everyday mishaps to epic blunders, the site showcases the funny side of life’s little accidents. It’s perfect for a good laugh and a reminder that everyone makes mistakes.

22. Interesting Facts 

Interesting Facts is the perfect website for people who like to learn something new and expand their own perspectives. They provide interesting information in small and interactive formats making it the perfect addition to this list of websites to kill time. 

23. GeoGuessr 

GeoGuessr is a geography game in which you explore the surroundings and make your best guess to recognise the location based on the clues you find. It’s an educational and entertaining way to improve your geographical knowledge.

24. This Is Sand

This Is Sand is a digital art tool that lets you create beautiful sand art. By pouring virtual sand onto the screen, you can layer colours and shapes to make your own designs.

this is sand is a good time-wasting website

25. Bored Button

Browsing on the Bored Button is one of the best time pass activities. It takes you to random, fun websites with just a click. You are randomly taken to a quirky site to explore, making it a perfect way to discover hidden gems on the internet. 

26. Oddee

Oddee is a blog that features odd news, weird facts, and strange photos from around the world. It’s a collection of the most unusual and fascinating stories that will pique your curiosity.

27. The Useless Web

The Useless Web takes you to random, often bizarre websites that serve no real purpose other than to amuse. It’s a fun way to explore the weirder side of the internet and stumble upon unexpected content. Each click is a surprise, making it a delightful time-waster.

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28. The UI Junkie

The Useless Info Junkie is a rabbit hole for curious readers. It has a plethora of articles answering questions you didn’t know you had. It has one of the most interesting and the most random library of content which can easily become one of your best time pass activities.

29. The Merge

Would be difficult to make a list of the interesting websites without mentioning our own name. If you are reading this and found the article interesting, you will love the other content on our website. We have a collection of the most interesting, unusual and off-beat content.

30. The Impossible Quiz 

When you are bored and have absolutely nothing better to do, visit this website. It is a difficult quiz that contains several trick questions that will bend your mind. It’s fun, challenging and if I am being honest, a little addictive. I will admit, I did waste time at school on this particular website. 

Impossible quiz is one of the random things to do on the internet

31. Factslides

Factslides presents interesting and fun facts in a visually appealing slide format. Each slide features a unique fact accompanied by a relevant image or illustration. It’s a quick and engaging way to learn new trivia and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.

32. Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos showcases humorous and often cringeworthy family photos submitted by users. From outdated fashion choices to bizarre poses, these photos capture the awkwardness of family life.

33. FMyLife

FMyLife is a website where people share their unfortunate and embarrassing real-life stories. The anecdotes are often hilarious and relatable, providing a sense of camaraderie in shared misfortune.

34. Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a puzzle game where you can write any object into existence to solve challenges. Using your imagination, you create solutions by typing words that bring items and characters to life.

35. Best Life

Best Life is the digital destination for sophisticated men & women. Live your best life with expert tips and news on health, food, sex, relationships, fashion and lifestyle.

So there you have it, a list of the top 35 best interesting websites to kill time. Why waste time on endless feeds when bored? The internet has so much to offer; don’t let it become your rabbit hole of mindless scrolling. Instead, make use of these resources and pass your time on the internet in the most productive way.