Why Do Men (Usually) Have Longer Eyelashes?

Eyelashes, in my opinion, are one of the most underrated features of the human face. You know how some people have long, thick and beautifully curved eyelashes, like that of a majestic horse? 

Have you also noticed that these eyelashes are mostly seen in men? But why? Why do men have longer eyelashes? It’s almost unfair because men couldn’t care less about their eyelashes! Right? 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always noticed how some men have these amazingly long, thick eyelashes that make their eyes look so stunning. I even remember having a crush on this boy with long eyelashes. 

There was something about long eyelashes that immediately caught my attention and more than often, these eyelashes happened to be of men. This got me wondering – why do men have longer eyelashes than women? Is it just a myth, or is there some scientific truth behind this?

The question got me doing some research to see if this is just a fragment of my imagination or if this is a genuine imparity that exists. 

To fully understand this, first let’s get one thing out of the way: is this a myth or a scientifically backed fact? 

Do Men Have Longer Eyelashes Than Women?

Well, turns out this isn’t just my imagination. There is actually some evidence that suggests that, on average, men do tend to have longer eyelashes than women. 

Which brings us back to the question again: Why do men have longer eyelashes? The answer lies in a mix of genetics, hormones, evolution and biology. 

Before we break these down, let’s back up and understand one thing first: What is the purpose of eyelashes? 

We might see eyelashes as a mere cosmetic feature, but they actually serve a critical function. The purpose of your eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dust, debris and other particles. 

So what also affects the length of your lashes is the width of your eyes. The bigger the width of your eye, the bigger your eyelashes, and as you might know already, the width of your eyes can largely depend on your genetics.

Genetic components, as you would guess, play a vital role. So if you are thinking: are men born with longer eyelashes? The answer is both yes and no. You see, If you come from a family where long eyelashes are common, there’s a good chance you’ll have them too. A person, regardless of their gender, can simply be born with longer, thicker eyelashes due to a family trait. However, due to hormonal influence, these traits are more pronounced in men.  

The Role of Hormones in Eyelash Growth

Hormones and other androgens play a vital role in hair growth all over our bodies, and eyelashes are no exception. These hormones play a huge role in determining the length of eyelashes as they stimulate hair follicles to produce long and thick hair. 

Testosterones are the primary male sex hormone. Testosterone and eyelashes growth are inter-connected. According to studies, testosterone is one of the primary hormones that support eyelash growth in men as it significantly influences the growth of body hair, including the eyelashes. 

Research suggests that higher levels of testosterone can lead to thicker and longer hair, which includes eyelashes. 

So if you think, technically, the length of your lashes does not depend on your gender entirely–  it is more about hormonal reasons. 

Why Do Women Tend to Have Shorter Eyelashes Than Men?

why do men have longer eyelashes

Since we have now established that men generally have longer eyelashes, let’s explore why women tend to have shorter ones. Understanding this difference will help you learn about various factors like hormonal differences, body hair patterns, and genetics. These factors contribute to the growth of eyelashes and help explain why women generally have shorter eyelashes.

Since we now know that Testosterone and eyelash growth are connected in men, let’s understand which hormones play a role for women. Read below to understand how hormones affect eyelash growth in women. 

Hormonal Differences

Like there is a connection between testosterone and hair growth in males, a logic reverse to that applies to the female hormones. Women have higher levels of oestrogen, which doesn’t promote hair growth in the same way testosterone does. 

Studies have proven that oestrogen can actually slow down the hair growth cycle, which might be one reason why women typically have shorter, thinner eyelashes compared to men.

Testosterone isn’t the only hormone that influences eyelash growth. 

Research suggests that other androgens, like DHT (dihydrotestosterone), also play a role. They bind to receptors in the hair follicles, promoting growth and thickness. While women also produce DHT, the quantity is significantly low as compared to that of men, which contributes to the difference in eyelash length and thickness between men and women.

Due to this natural disadvantage, many women turn to unnatural alternatives to achieve longer, thicker lashes. The regular use of makeup, artificial lashes, or makeup remover does more damage to lashes than you can ever imagine.

Final Thoughts 

So, now you may have a better idea of why do men have longer eyelashes. A combination of genetic factors and hormonal influences, particularly testosterone, does the trick for them. It’s fascinating how much goes behind such small features of our bodies. While this might seem like a small detail, it underscores the fascinating ways in which our bodies are shaped by our hormones and genetics. 


1. Which gender has long eyelashes? 

Technically, both genders can have long eyelashes based on their genetic inheritance. However, on average, men tend to have longer eyelashes than women due to higher levels of testosterone, which promotes hair growth.

2. Are long eyelashes healthy? 

Yes, long eyelashes are generally healthy. They serve to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and other environmental factors.

3. Does Testosterone play a role in eyelash growth? 

Absolutely. Testosterone and other androgens stimulate hair follicles, leading to longer and thicker eyelashes.

4. How can women have longer eyelashes? 

Women can achieve longer eyelashes through various methods, including the use of Vitamin E, castor or almond oil. You can moisturize your eyelashes using these and reduce the use of cosmetic products to have naturally thick eyelashes.