100 Weird Laws Around the World that have Existed (or still exist)

Have you ever come across a law so strange that it made you scratch your head in disbelief? There are some very weird laws around the world; every country has its own set of rules, some are cultural and some are just completely bizarre. Some of these strange rules across the globe are so bizarre that you won’t even believe that they are against the law. 

We have compiled a list of the most bizarre laws for you so you don’t end up behind bars on your next vacation. 

These are the 100 weird laws around the world that you won’t believe exist. 

1. No Donkeys in Bathtubs in Arizona, USA

No Donkeys in Bathtubs

It is against the law for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs in Arizona, USA. This law occurred after a flooded dam washed a donkey inside a tub downstream. This might just be one of America’s oddest laws.

2. You Cannot be Overweight in Japan

In Japan, you might be breaking the law if you are overweight. This law is to combat obesity and encourage a healthy lifestyle. This law is referred to as the “Metabo Law,” which was introduced in 2008.

3. No High Heels in Greece

No High Heels in Greece

In Greece, wearing high heels at historical sites is prohibited. This is to protect the ancient monuments from any damage. 

4. No Dying in the Houses of Parliament, UK

In the UK, you may commit a crime if you die in the Houses of Parliament. This bizarre law suggests that the building is a royal palace, and dying there would entitle you to a state funeral.

5. No Winnie the Pooh in Polish Playgrounds

Winnie the Pooh is banned from playgrounds and schools in Poland due to concerns over the bear’s attire – or lack thereof. This might be one of the strangest things banned around the world.

6. You Cannot Forget Your Wife’s Birthday in Iceland

Don't forget your wife's birthday in Iceland

It is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in Iceland. This law is to honour the importance of marriage in Icelandic culture. 

7. No Reincarnation Without Government Permission in China

China has a law that monks need to obtain government permission before they can be reincarnated. This law is aimed at controlling the influence of Tibetan Buddhism. According to an article in Reuters, China is even trying to “control” Dalai Lama’s reincarnation. 

8. You Cannot Mow the Lawn in Your Swimsuit in Australia

You Cannot Mow the Lawn in Your Swimsuit in Australia

In Victoria, Australia, it is illegal to mow your lawn in a swimsuit. This law is part of the state’s criminal code to maintain public decency.

9. Don’t Leave Your House Without Underwear in Thailand

It is illegal to leave your house without wearing underwear in Thailand. You can be fined if you are caught going out commando. 

10. You Cannot Sell Eyeballs in Texas

The Texas Penal Code Section 48.02, makes it illegal for one to sell eyeballs without a license. 

11. You Cannot Hang underwear outside in Minnesota

You Cannot Hang underwear outside in Minnesota

In Minnesota, USA, it is illegal to hang male and female underwear together on the same washline 

12. No Kissing at Train Stations in France

France has a law that prohibits kissing on train platforms to avoid delays. This is against the rule to keep train schedules running smoothly. This was introduced in 1910 but is defunct now. 

13. No Wearing Camouflage in Barbados

In Barbados, it is illegal for civilians to wear camouflage clothing. This law is meant to prevent confusion among military personnel.

14. No Flushing the Toilet After 10 PM in Switzerland

No Flushing the Toilet at night in Switzerland

In Switzerland, some apartment buildings have rules that prohibit flushing the toilet after 10 PM to avoid disturbing neighbours. This is a classic example of strange rules across the globe.

15. No Building Sandcastles in Spain

Certain regions in Spain have laws against building sandcastles on the beach. You can be fined up to €150 for the offence. 

16. No Feeding Pigeons in Venice, Italy

No Feeding Pigeons in Venice

It is prohibited to feed pigeons in Venice anywhere except the main city centre. The law was enforced In 1997 to prevent damage to historic buildings and statues.

17. No Wearing Lacy Underwear in Russia

Russia has a trade ban on lacy underwear due to health and safety concerns. This is one of the more bizarre laws in the country.

18. No Holding Salmon Suspiciously in the UK

As a part of the ‘Salmon Act’ of 1986, holding salmon under suspicious circumstances has been made illegal in England and Wales.  This odd law is aimed at preventing illegal fishing activities.

19. You Can’t Splash a Pedestrian in Japan 

Don't splash water on pesetrians in Japan

In Japan, you cannot splash road water on pedestrians. It is a violation of social etiquette and is considered a serious violation of the Road Traffic Act

20. No Swearing in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, swearing in public can land you in big trouble. The punishment in this case is imprisonment for a maximum of two years or a fine reaching AED 20,000

21. No Wearing Flip-Flops While Driving in Spain

In Spain, it is illegal to drive while wearing flip-flops. Article 17 of the Spain General Traffic Regulations states that “drivers must be in a position to control their vehicles at all times”

22. No Naming Your Pig Napoleon in France

In France, a law prevents people from naming their pig Napoleon. This was to protect the honour of the French Emperor.

23. You Cannot Sing Off-key in Public

Don't sing off-key in North Carolina

Singing off-key in public is one of the offences that can land you in trouble in North Carolina, USA. This weird law dates back to the 19th century and aims at maintaining peace.

24. No Public Displays of Affection in the UAE

PDA is prohibited in the UAE and can lead to serious legal consequences. This law is part of the country’s strict moral code.

25. You Cannot Play Bingo for More Than Five Hours in North Carolina

No playing bingo for more than 5 hours

In North Carolina, it is illegal to play bingo for more than five hours according to North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement unless the game is held at a fair. 

26. Don’t Randomly Frown in Milan, Italy

In Milan, there’s a ‘happy law’ still in force today that requires people to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits. 

27. No Flying Kites in India Without a Permit

The Aircraft Act of 1934 considers kites a type of aircraft making it illegal without a permit. This is the same permit that allows a pilot to fly a plane. This has to be one of the most bizarre laws given that India has a festival dedicated to kite flying. 

28. You Can’t Sell Used Underwear in Denmark

As weird as it may sound, there is an actual law that prevents you from selling secondhand underwear in Denmark.

29. You Can’t Nap in Public in Japan

no public naps in japan

In Japan, taking a nap in public can be considered illegal in some areas. This law is part of efforts to maintain public order.

30. No Gambling in Lingerie in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, it is illegal for women to gamble in casinos while wearing lingerie or a towel. This has to be one of the craziest laws in the world.

31. No Wearing High Heels in Carmel, California

Carmel, California, has a law prohibiting wearing high heels without a permit. This law aims to prevent lawsuits from tripping accidents. This is under Carmel Municipal Code Section 8.44.020 

32. No Washing Your Car on Sundays in Switzerland

In Switzerland, washing your car on Sundays is prohibited. Sunday is considered a day of rest and washing the car could cause disturbance. This is one of the more unusual rules around the world.

33. No Driving a Dirty Car in Russia

No Dirty Cars in Russia

In Russia, driving a dirty car can get you fined. If your car is too dirty and the license plate is not visible, then you might be breaking the law.

34. No Honking in New York, USA

In New York, honking is only legal to warn of imminent danger. You can get fined if you honk without any reason. 

35. No Disrupting Weddings in Australia 

In Australia, disturbing a wedding, religious service or funeral is considered disrespectful. You can face up to a $10,000 fine. 

36. No Showing Buttocks in Greece

No Mooning in Greece

In Greece, mooning is considered an act of disrespect and provocation. The offenders can be arrested and face severe punishment.

37. No Using Water Guns in Cambodia

In some parts of Cambodia, water guns are banned during certain holidays to maintain order, prevent public disturbances and ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration for everyone.

38. Boys Can’t See Naked Mannequins in England

In England, boys under the age of 10 cannot legally see a mannequin without clothes. 

39. No Driving in Bulgaria Without a Fire Extinguisher

No driving without fire extinguisher in Bulgaria

It is mandatory to have a fire extinguisher in your car along with other emergency equipment in Bulgaria. 

40. No Running Out of Gas on the Autobahn in Germany

In Germany, running out of gas on the Autobahn is illegal. This law is meant to prevent accidents on the high-speed roadway.

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41. Don’t Ride a Cow in Scotland if You Are Drunk

Dont ride a cow if you are drunk in scotland

In Scotland, the Licensing Act of 1872 prohibits being drunk “while in charge of a carriage, horse, cow, or steam engine.”

42. Don’t Take a Lion to the Movies in Baltimore 

Laws around public safety and animal control prohibit one from taking a wild animal to a crowded space like a movie theatre, for safety reasons of course. 

43. No Fake Funeral in Ghana

In Ghana, it’s illegal to organize a fake funeral as funerals are very important in their culture. 

44. Don’t Push a Live Moose out of an Airplane in Alaska

It’s illegal to disturb wildlife in Alaska. This means you cannot push a live moose out of an airplane as it is a cruel act. 

45. No Driving Without a Shirt in Thailand

no driving shirtless in thailand

In Thailand, driving without a shirt is considered illegal and can result in a fine. This law is part of maintaining public decency.

46. No Shirtless Driving in Germany

In Germany, driving shirtless can result in a fine. This law ensures that drivers are properly dressed while operating a vehicle.

47. No Playing Dominoes on Sunday in Alabama, USA

In Alabama, playing dominoes on Sundays is prohibited. This law is part of the Alabama Code Title 13A-12-1, more commonly known as the blue laws, that prohibit activities like “gaming” on Sundays based on religious beliefs.

48. No Public Eating During Ramadan in UAE

In the UAE, Article 313 of the UAE Federal Penal Code prohibits eating in public during Ramadan. This law is to show respect for the Muslim community who are fasting during Ramadan.

49. No Wearing Cowboy Boots Unless You Own Cows in Blythe, California, USA

In Blythe, California, it is illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you own at least two cows. This is one of America’s oddest laws.

50. No Peeing While Standing in Switzerland

In Switzerland, men are discouraged from peeing while standing late at night to avoid noise. This law is aimed at maintaining peace in residential areas.

51. Don’t Move a Koala from a Tree Without a Permit in Australia 

Don't move a koala from a tree in australia

In Australia, it’s illegal to move a koala from a tree unless you have a special permit from wildlife authorities. Koalas are protected animals and disturbing them without proper permission is against the law.

52. You Cannot Whistle Underwater in West Virginia 

You may be a lawbreaker if you whistle underwater in West Virginia. This law is to prevent people from attracting fish with their whistling making this one of the most unusual rules around the world.

53. No Lying Down in Public in Spain

In Spain, particularly in Majorca, lying down in public is prohibited. This law is part of efforts to keep public areas clean and orderly.

54. No Making Faces at Dogs in Oklahoma, USA

In Oklahoma, making faces at dogs is illegal. This law is placed so the dogs don’t feel threatened or intimidated 

55. No Climbing Coconut Trees in Fiji

No climbing coconut trees in Fiji

In Fiji, climbing coconut trees is prohibited for tourists due to safety concerns. This law helps prevent accidents.

56. No Transporting Durian in Singapore

In Singapore, durian is banned on all forms of public transportation. Durian is known for its pungent smell. The ban is enforced to prevent discomfort to fellow passengers from unpleasant odours. 

57. Don’t Wake Up a Bear in Alaska, USA.

In Alaska, it is illegal to wake a sleeping bear to take photographs. This law is to prevent both, bears and tourists. 

58. No Eating During a House Fire in Illinois, USA

In Illinois, eating during a house fire is prohibited. This law is meant to ensure people prioritize safety during emergencies.

59. No Chewing Gum in Singapore

no chewing gum in singapore

Singapore is known for its cleanliness, and to maintain this, chewing gum is banned. If you’re caught with gum, you might be fined. 

60. No Walking on the Left Side of the Pavement in London, UK

In London, walking on the left side of the pavement is discouraged to keep pedestrian traffic flowing smoothly.

61. No Painting Your House Without Permission in Italy

In some Italian towns, you need permission to paint your house a certain color. This law is aimed at preserving the historical aesthetic of the towns.

62. No Collecting Seaweed at Night in New Hampshire, USA

New Hampshire Revised Statutes Section 207:48 prohibits collecting seaweed “between daylight in the evening and daylight in the morning. This law dates back to colonial times but the exact reason is unknown.

63. Don’t Share Milkshake with your Pet Alligator in Florida

In Florida, it’s illegal to share milkshakes with alligators. This is to prevent yourself from serious injuries.

64. No Roller Skating on Sidewalks in Canada

In some Canadian cities, roller skating on sidewalks is prohibited to ensure pedestrian safety.

65. No Selfies with Buddha Statues in Thailand 

No photos with buddha statues in thailand

Taking pictures with the Buddha Statue is illegal and can hurt religious sentiments.

66. No Playing Pinball Until You’re 18 in South Carolina, USA

In South Carolina, it is illegal for minors to play pinball. This law is codified in the South Carolina Code of Laws Section 63-19-2430.

67. Are you Single? You have to Pay Extra Tax in Missouri

If you are 21+ and single in Missouri, you have to pay $1 in taxes annually to stimulate the establishment of families. This is to encourage marriage and increase the population.

68. No Singing Rude Songs to Cows

In Australia, it’s an offense to sing a song that is “obscene, indecent, or blasphemous” in the presence of cattle.The reasoning behind this law is unclear.

69. No Wearing Masks in Public in Denmark

no wearing masks in public in denmark

In Denmark, wearing masks in public is prohibited. This law was added to the Criminal Code in 2000 to ensure that people are recognisable and crimes are prevented. 

70. No Stocking Up Potatoes in Australia

A weird law in Western Australia limits the amount of potatoes a person could possess at one time. You are breaking the law if you are carrying or selling more than 50 kgs. This law was discontinued in 2021. 

71. No Sleeping in a Cheese Factory in South Dakota, USA

In South Dakota, it is illegal to sleep in a cheese factory. This law is part of maintaining hygiene standards.

72. No Stylish Haircut in North Korea

In North Korea, only government-approved haircuts are allowed. There are pre-decided hairstyles: 18 hairstyles for women and 10 hairstyles for men, and you can only choose from those. 

73. No Marrying Your Cousin in Utah, USA

In Utah, marrying your cousin is illegal unless both parties are over 65. This law aims to prevent genetic disorders.

74. No Stepping on Money in Thailand

no stepping on money in thailand

In Thailand, stepping on money is illegal because the currency features the image of the King, and it is considered disrespectful.

75. No Singing in Public in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

In Honolulu, singing loudly in public after sunset is prohibited to maintain peace.

76. No Stopping on the Autobahn in Germany

Stopping on the Autobahn, even for emergencies, is illegal to prevent accidents on the high-speed highway.

77. No Sunbathing in Fiji

no sunbathing in fiji

In Fiji, you cannot be topless if you want to sunbathe. Even your shoulders should be covered.

78. No Dog Without License in Denmark

You can’t own a dog without a license in Denmark, and the license requires your dog to pass a temperament test. This ensures responsible pet ownership and minimizes the risks of dog bites.

79. No Dying in Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen prohibits people from dying in the city for health regulations. The temperature there is so cold that the bodies may never decompose making dying there a safety hazard. 

80. No Fake Moustaches in Church in Alabama

no fake moustaches in alabama

In Alabama, a bizarre law makes it illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church. This is to maintain decorum during religious services

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81. No Driving Shirtless in Spain

In Spain, it is illegal to drive without a shirt to ensure drivers are dressed appropriately.

82. No Wearing a Suit of Armor in Parliament in the UK

Wearing a suit of armour in Parliament is illegal in the UK under the Statute forbidding Bearing of Armour (1313) This law dates back to medieval times.

83. You Can’t Leave a Cake Unattended in Denmark

There is a Birthday Law in Denmark that makes it illegal to leave your cake unattended on your birthday

84. No Toy Guns in Japan

no toy guns in japan

In Japan, it is illegal to sell or possess realistic toy guns. This law is to help prevent violence.

85. No Flying a Kite in Victoria, Australia

Flying a kite in public places is illegal in Victoria if it causes a nuisance.

86. You Can’t Own a Land in China

In China, you can only purchase land-use rights that last for around 70 years. So one cannot truly own land in China ever.

87. Women Can’t Watch Football in Iran

Women in Iran are banned from attending football matches in stadiums. This law is to “protect” women from hostile environments.

88. No Juggling in Alabama, USA

no juggling in alabama

It is illegal to juggle in the city in Alabama, unless you have a permit. This law might have originated from concerns about public safety or disruption.

89. No hunting on Sundays, Unless It’s Raccoons

A bizarre law in Virginia, USA, makes hunting illegal on Sundays unless you are hunting a raccoon. 

90. Don’t Bite your Landlord in Maine, USA

There’s a law that prohibits biting your landlord in Maine. The exact reason behind this law is unclear but it might be defunct now.

91. Squirrels Must Get a Proper Burial in Germany

There is a Squirrel Funeral Law in some German states that mandates the proper burial of squirrels and other small animals. This is to show respect for animals.

92. You Cannot Just Own One Guinea Pig

In Switzerland, it is illegal to own just one guinea pig. Guinea pigs are social animals, and this law is to ensure they have companionship and do not suffer from loneliness.

93. No Black Cars in Turkmenistan 

no black cars in Turkmenistan

Owning a black car is illegal in Turkmenistan as the current president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, believes white cars bring good luck. This even extends to car parts – no black grills, bumpers, or trims allowed!

94. No Taking a Bath Without a Permit on Sundays

Oklahoma, USA, it’s illegal to take a bath on Sundays without a permit from the sheriff. This law is now outdated and longer in force

95. No Sleeping Under Hairdryers in Florida

You can be in legal trouble if you sleep under a hairdryer at a salon. The law is targetted towards salon owners for safety reasons. 

96. Don’t Swim in Fountains in Italy

dont swim in fountains in italy

In many parts of Italy, swimming or even dipping your toes in a public fountain is illegal. These fountains are historical landmarks and strictly protected.

97. Pawnbrokers Can’t Accept Wheelchairs in Delaware

In Delaware, pawnbrokers are specifically prohibited from accepting artificial limbs or wheelchairs as pledges or pawns under Delaware Code Title 24.

98. You Have to Maintain Bread Quality in Germany

The Bread Law of 1986, specifies exactly what ingredients can be used in traditional German rolls (Brötchen). This is to ensure that a certain level of quality is maintained.

99. No Whistling at a Taxi in Finland

It’s illegal to hail a taxi by whistling. Taxis in Finland operate on a queue system, and hailing them by raising your hand is the preferred method. Whistling might be seen as disrespectful.

100. No Dogs in Turkmenistan

No Dogs in Turkmenistan

The former president of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, made having pet dogs illegal. The president disliked dogs and banned them in the capital city. The law is no longer imposed. 

So if you ever wondered what country has the weirdest law? You might have your answer by now. There are some very weird laws around the world and while some of these strange rules across the globe may seem absurd, they often have historical or cultural significance. These bizarre laws serve as a reminder that we live in a fascinating world.